A Dream Come True: Dolphin Encounters at Monkey Mia in Our Motorhome

Welcome to our family travel blog! We recently embarked on a unique adventure to Monkey Mia in Western Australia, a place known for its incredible dolphin encounters and stunning natural beauty. Our trip in a motorhome allowed us to immerse ourselves in the wonders of this coastal paradise. Join us as we share our unforgettable experience of camping at Monkey Mia and getting up close and personal with the resident dolphins.

Getting to Monkey Mia:

We began our journey from Perth, and the road trip to Monkey Mia was nothing short of spectacular. The scenic drive along the Coral Coast was a breathtaking experience, with azure waters on one side and the rugged Outback on the other. The drive took us through charming towns and awe-inspiring landscapes, making the journey itself an adventure.

Camping in Comfort:

We chose to camp at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, where our motorhome was welcomed with open arms. The resort offers excellent camping facilities, from powered sites to amenities such as showers, kitchens, and a campfire area. Our motorhome was our cozy home away from home, providing the comforts of a family-friendly space and the flexibility to explore at our own pace.

Dolphin Encounters:

The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly the daily dolphin encounters at Monkey Mia. Each morning, a small group of dolphins swims close to the shore, and park rangers provide informative sessions about these incredible creatures. We were in awe as the dolphins gracefully glided through the shallow waters, often coming close enough to touch. Our kids couldn’t contain their excitement, and seeing these majestic animals up close was a memory that will stay with us forever.

Nature’s Playground:

Apart from the dolphins, Monkey Mia offers a host of natural attractions. We explored the nearby Shell Beach, a beach entirely made of tiny, pure white shells. The kids had a blast collecting shells and building sandcastles. We also took a boat tour to the nearby Peron Peninsula, where we encountered dugongs, turtles, and various marine life.

Stunning Sunsets:

Monkey Mia is renowned for its mesmerizing sunsets. Each evening, we made it a point to find a spot along the beach and watch as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the water. It was a magical way to end our action-packed days.

Local Cuisine:

Don’t forget to savor the local cuisine while at Monkey Mia. We enjoyed fresh seafood at one of the nearby restaurants, where the flavors of the ocean were a delight to the palate.


Our family adventure at Monkey Mia in our motorhome was an experience of a lifetime. The dolphin encounters, the natural beauty, and the coastal charm of this region left us with memories that we’ll cherish forever. If you’re looking for a unique family vacation in Australia, Monkey Mia should be at the top of your list. It’s a place where you can connect with nature and create magical moments with your loved ones. Thanks for joining us on this journey, and we can’t wait to share more travel adventures with you soon!