A Magical 7th Birthday: Car Boot Surprise at East Coast Park and a PS Cafe Dinner

Turning seven is a big deal, and for our young adventurer’s birthday, we decided to plan a day filled with surprises and delights in Singapore. Our mission? To create an unforgettable experience, combining the joy of outdoor fun with a delightful dinner at the iconic PS Cafe. Join us as we recount the magical day we planned for our 7-year-old’s special celebration.

Our day began with a late afternoon drive to East Coast Park, a beautiful coastal area in Singapore known for its pristine beaches and lush greenery. Little did our birthday star know that we had a unique surprise awaiting them.

As the sun began to set, we wrapped up our beach stroll and made our way to the renowned PS Cafe located at East Coast Park. It was time to transition from the great outdoors to a more sophisticated setting for a delightful dinner.

Evening Elegance at PS Cafe:

PS Cafe is known for its chic ambiance and delectable cuisine. We had a cozy corner reserved, complete with stylish d├ęcor and soft lighting. Our young birthday star was dressed up for the occasion and felt like royalty.

The menu at PS Cafe boasts a wide array of international dishes. We savored everything from truffle fries and gourmet burgers to delectable desserts. Our little one’s eyes sparkled with joy as they enjoyed their special birthday meal.

Car Boot Treasure Surprise:

After dinner, upon reaching the park’s carpark, we opened the car boot to reveal a boot filled with balloons, party lights, flowers and surprise birthday gift.


Our car boot surprise adventure at East Coast Park and the elegant dinner at PS Cafe created a day full of cherished memories for our 7-year-old. If you’re looking to create a memorable birthday experience for your child in Singapore, consider combining the wonders of nature with a touch of elegance, just like we did on this magical day.