A Regal Retreat: Our Family Stay at The Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai

Welcome to our family travel blog! In this post, we’re thrilled to share our unforgettable experience at The Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai, an exquisite oasis of luxury, culture, and serenity in northern Thailand. Join us as we recount our family’s enchanted stay at this majestic hotel, where old-world charm meets contemporary comfort.

The Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai: A Palace of Elegance:

Nestled in the heart of Chiang Mai, The Dhara Dhevi Hotel is a destination in itself, offering a lavish experience that combines traditional Lanna architecture with modern amenities. Our family embarked on a journey that transcended ordinary luxury and introduced us to a world of regal splendor.

Our Family Retreat:

  1. Warm Thai Hospitality: From the moment we arrived, the staff at The Dhara Dhevi Hotel extended warm and attentive service. We felt welcomed and pampered throughout our stay.
  2. Palatial Accommodations: Our family suite was a luxurious haven. With ornate furnishings, traditional decor, and ample space, it evoked the grandeur of a bygone era. The opulent bathroom and private terrace added a touch of modern convenience.
  3. Diverse Lodging Options: The hotel offers a range of accommodations, from colonial-style suites to opulent villas with private pools. You can choose a setting that suits your family’s preferences.

Hotel Highlights:

  1. Culinary Extravaganza: The Dhara Dhevi boasts a variety of dining options. We savored international cuisine at Farang Ses, indulged in Thai delicacies at Le Grand Lanna, and enjoyed casual bites at the Akaligo restaurant.
  2. Swimming Pools: The hotel’s pools, inspired by ancient royal baths, provide a serene backdrop for relaxation. Our kids particularly enjoyed the family-friendly atmosphere at the main pool.
  3. Dheva Spa and Wellness Center: The spa’s tranquil setting and traditional Thai massages left us rejuvenated and relaxed. The wellness center offers an array of wellness treatments for a truly pampering experience.

The Cultural Experience:

One of the most remarkable aspects of The Dhara Dhevi Hotel is its dedication to preserving and celebrating Thai culture. The architecture, traditional decor, and regular cultural events added depth and richness to our stay.

Exploring Chiang Mai:

The hotel’s strategic location offers easy access to Chiang Mai’s attractions, such as the Old City, night markets, and historic temples. The hotel even provides shuttle services for your convenience.

A Truly Family-Friendly Retreat:

The Dhara Dhevi goes the extra mile to ensure that families feel at home. The kids’ club offers an array of supervised activities, from traditional crafts to storytelling sessions, keeping young ones entertained while parents unwind.


Our stay at The Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai was an immersion into opulence, culture, and relaxation. The hotel’s commitment to preserving Thai heritage, paired with its exceptional service, made our family’s retreat truly extraordinary. If you’re looking for a blend of luxury, cultural enrichment, and family bonding, The Dhara Dhevi Hotel is the ideal destination. We hope our story inspires you to consider this regal retreat for your next family getaway in Chiang Mai. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey!