Adventure Awaits: A Family Thrill Ride on Queenstown’s Skyline Luge

Hello, adventurous families and thrill-seekers! In this family travel blog post, we’re excited to share the adrenaline-pumping journey of our family’s exhilarating experience on the Skyline Luge in Queenstown, New Zealand. Join us as we race down the scenic tracks, take in stunning vistas, and create unforgettable memories on this gravity-fueled adventure.

Queenstown: Adventure Capital of the World:

Queenstown, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and adventure activities, beckoned our family with promises of excitement and outdoor fun. As we arrived at the Skyline Queenstown, the sight of the luge tracks winding down the hillside filled us with anticipation.

Meet the Luge:

The Skyline Luge is a unique and thrilling gravity-powered ride that combines elements of go-karting and tobogganing. Our family couldn’t wait to jump on board and embrace the adventure.

Riding the Gondola:

Our journey began with a scenic gondola ride to the top of Bob’s Peak. The ride offered panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains, setting the stage for our exciting descent.

Choosing Our Track:

At the top, we had the option to choose from multiple luge tracks of varying difficulty levels. Our family decided to start with the beginner track to get the hang of things.

The Luge Experience:

As we hopped onto our luge carts, we were ready for action. The luge carts are easy to control, making them suitable for riders of all ages. We sped down the track, taking sharp corners and exhilarating slopes.

Scenic Views Along the Way:

One of the highlights of the luge experience was the breathtaking scenery. As we raced downhill, we couldn’t help but glance at the stunning vistas of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. It was an adventure with a view.

Race Against Each Other:

The luge tracks allowed us to race against each other, adding a competitive edge to our adventure. Laughter and friendly banter filled the air as we vied for the title of the family luge champion.

Thrills and Laughter:

The luge adventure was a perfect blend of thrills and laughter. We challenged each other to see who could navigate the course with the most finesse, resulting in plenty of joyful moments.

Multiple Descents:

One descent was simply not enough. We went back up the gondola and raced down the luge tracks several times, each run providing a new level of excitement.

Family Bonding:

The Skyline Luge in Queenstown was more than just an adventure; it was an opportunity for family bonding. We cheered each other on, shared our experiences, and celebrated our individual victories.


Our family’s experience on the Skyline Luge in Queenstown was an adrenaline-fueled adventure that combined fun, thrills, and stunning scenery. It allowed us to embrace the spirit of Queenstown as the adventure capital of the world.

For families seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure and a chance to create lasting memories, the Skyline Luge in Queenstown is a must-visit attraction. It’s a place where the whole family can enjoy the rush of speed while taking in the beauty of New Zealand’s landscapes. We hope our journey inspires you to embark on your own family luge adventure and experience the thrill of racing down the tracks in Queenstown.