All Aboard the Culinary Express: A Family Feast at Taiwan Railway Restaurant

Welcome to our family travel blog, where we invite you to join us on a delicious adventure at the Taiwan Railway restaurant. As a family of foodies and travelers, we embarked on a journey that combined the love for culinary delights and the nostalgia of train travel. Join us as we recount our mouthwatering experience dining at this unique railway-themed restaurant.

Arrival at the Taiwan Railway Restaurant:

Our family’s gastronomic adventure began with the excitement of arriving at the Taiwan Railway restaurant. The moment we entered, we were greeted by the warm and welcoming atmosphere, complete with train-themed decor and memorabilia.

Nostalgic Train Carriages:

The restaurant is a creative blend of dining and railway nostalgia. We were seated in an authentic train carriage, complete with comfortable seating, vintage luggage racks, and large windows that provided glimpses of a beautiful garden. Our kids were thrilled to feel like they were dining on a real train.

An Extensive Menu:

The Taiwan Railway restaurant offers an extensive menu of both local and international cuisine. Our family relished the opportunity to try a wide array of dishes, from Taiwanese specialties like beef noodle soup to Western options like spaghetti and burgers. There was something to satisfy every palate.

Kids’ Menu and Play Area:

The restaurant is truly family-friendly, with a dedicated kids’ menu that our children loved. While waiting for our food, the kids had a blast at the play area designed like a miniature train station, complete with train-themed toys and games.

Thematic Dining Experience:

Throughout our meal, we were immersed in the train-themed experience. The restaurant staff, dressed in conductor uniforms, added to the ambiance. Train announcements and the occasional rumble of a passing “train” kept us entertained and engaged.

Culinary Delights:

Our taste buds were treated to an array of delicious dishes. From tender braised pork rice to flavorful curries, each plate was a delightful surprise. The restaurant’s attention to detail and quality of ingredients made our dining experience truly memorable.

Sweet Endings:

No family meal is complete without dessert. The Taiwan Railway restaurant had a selection of delectable sweets, including traditional Taiwanese desserts like taro balls and modern delights like chocolate lava cake. Our family indulged in these sweet endings to our culinary journey.


Dining at the Taiwan Railway restaurant was an unforgettable family experience that combined the joy of train travel nostalgia with the pleasure of savoring delicious cuisine. The restaurant’s attention to detail, extensive menu, and family-friendly atmosphere made it a culinary journey we’ll cherish. We hope this blog post inspires you to visit the Taiwan Railway restaurant with your loved ones, where you can embark on your own culinary adventure with a unique train-themed twist. All aboard for a scrumptious ride!