An Authentic Retreat: Our Journey to Go Woon Dang – A Traditional Korean Guest House

Welcome to our couple travel blog! In this post, we’re thrilled to share our remarkable experience at Go Woon Dang, a traditional Korean guest house that transported us back in time and allowed us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Korean culture and hospitality. Join us as we embark on a unique journey to this hidden gem.

Go Woon Dang: Embracing Korean Tradition:

Go Woon Dang is a haven of Korean heritage and warmth, located in the heart of Seoul. This charming guest house offers travelers the opportunity to stay in a traditional Hanok, where history and culture come to life.

Our Couple Adventure:

  1. Arrival at Go Woon Dang: Our anticipation grew as we entered the narrow alleyways of Bukchon Hanok Village and arrived at Go Woon Dang. The moment we stepped inside, we were greeted by the rustic charm of the traditional Hanok.
  2. The Hanok Experience: Our Hanok was a tranquil oasis, a beautifully preserved wooden dwelling with intricate wooden carvings and a cozy courtyard. The Hanok’s design harmonized with the surrounding Bukchon Hanok Village.
  3. Warm Hospitality: The staff at Go Woon Dang welcomed us with open arms and genuine warmth. Their dedication to preserving Korean traditions and sharing them with visitors was truly admirable.

Hanok Retreat:

  1. Traditional Korean Clothing: The guest house offered us the chance to wear Hanbok, traditional Korean attire. Dressed in vibrant, embroidered Hanbok, we felt like we had stepped back in time and were ready to explore the streets of Bukchon Hanok Village.
  2. Homemade Korean Breakfast: Each morning, we were treated to a traditional Korean breakfast, lovingly prepared by the guest house staff. The flavors of the dishes, like bibimbap and kimchi, awakened our senses and provided an authentic culinary experience.
  3. Courtyard Tranquility: The Hanok’s courtyard, adorned with blooming flowers and a bubbling stream, provided a serene space for relaxation. We spent mornings sipping tea and enjoying the peaceful ambiance.

Exploring Bukchon Hanok Village:

  1. Strolling Through History: The narrow alleyways and beautifully preserved Hanok homes in Bukchon Hanok Village created a picturesque setting for leisurely walks. We were captivated by the traditional architecture and the sense of history around us.
  2. Cultural Insights: Our visit to the nearby Hanok Cultural Center allowed us to participate in various traditional activities, including tea ceremonies and calligraphy lessons.


Our stay at Go Woon Dang was a step back in time, an authentic retreat that allowed us to embrace Korean culture and tradition. The guest house offered a profound connection with the past, all while providing comfort and a sense of place.

If you’re a couple seeking a unique and culturally immersive travel experience, Go Woon Dang in Seoul is the perfect destination. It offers a blend of historical charm, warm hospitality, and an opportunity to experience the beauty of Korean tradition. We hope our story inspires you to embark on your own journey to this remarkable guest house and create cherished memories with your loved one. Thank you for joining us on this authentic and enchanting adventure!