Soaring to New Heights: Family Thrills at RipCord iFLY on Royal Caribbean

Embarking on a family cruise vacation with Royal Caribbean is always a thrilling experience, but this time, we added an extra layer of excitement. RipCord by iFLY, a skydiving simulator, promised to take our family adventure to new heights. Join us as we share the exhilarating journey of defying gravity, feeling the rush of the wind, and creating unforgettable memories aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Taking Flight: The Thrills of RipCord iFLY:

As we entered the futuristic RipCord iFLY facility on our Royal Caribbean ship, anticipation built in the air. With the guidance of experienced instructors, we donned our jumpsuits, helmets, and goggles, ready to experience the sensation of freefalling without ever leaving the safety of the ship.

Suiting Up and Safety Briefing:

Before the adventure began, our family attended a comprehensive safety briefing. The staff explained the proper body position, hand signals, and other essential details to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight experience. We felt reassured knowing that our instructors were experts in their field.

The Experience of True Freefall:

Entering the wind tunnel was a surreal experience. As we positioned ourselves in the flying chamber, a powerful current of air lifted us off the ground. The sensation of weightlessness was exhilarating, and the sheer joy of hovering in the air is beyond description. Our family laughed, whooped, and waved at each other in pure delight.

Instructors: Masters of the Sky:

The professional iFLY instructors were instrumental in making the experience unforgettable. Their guidance, encouragement, and skill allowed us to relax and fully immerse ourselves in the experience. Their ability to interact with flyers of all ages ensured that even the youngest members of our family felt safe and confident.

Creating Lifelong Memories:

As we took turns flying, the joy on each family member’s face was priceless. The excitement of watching loved ones fly was just as rewarding as our individual flights. Our RipCord iFLY adventure became a shared memory that we would treasure forever.

A Safe and Inclusive Experience:

RipCord iFLY is designed to be accessible to people of varying abilities and ages. Our family was amazed to see how well the instructors accommodated children, adults, and even those with disabilities, ensuring that everyone had a chance to experience the thrill of indoor skydiving.


Our day at RipCord iFLY on Royal Caribbean was a family adventure unlike any other. From soaring through the air to sharing laughter and unforgettable moments, we discovered that the sky isn’t the limit—it’s just the beginning of what’s possible when families come together to experience the extraordinary. Royal Caribbean’s commitment to providing thrilling and safe experiences made our cruise vacation even more memorable, and RipCord iFLY became the highlight that added an extra layer of excitement to our journey on the high seas.