Tranquil Escapes: A Family Retreat at The Old England Taiwan with Majestic Mountain Views

In the embrace of Taiwan’s breathtaking landscapes, our family sought solace and serenity at The Old England—a hidden gem that promised not only luxurious accommodations but also panoramic views of the majestic mountains. Join us as we recount the story of our family’s enchanting stay at The Old England, where nature’s beauty met timeless elegance.

A Journey Back in Time:

Stepping into The Old England was like entering a charming time capsule. The architecture and decor exuded colonial-era elegance, transporting us to a world of refined sophistication amidst the mountains’ tranquil embrace.

Mountain Majesty from Our Windows:

Our accommodations were designed to maximize the stunning mountain views. As we looked out of our windows, we were greeted by a mesmerizing panorama of rolling hills and verdant landscapes—a sight that greeted us each morning and bid us goodnight.

Luxury and Comfort Amidst Nature:

The Old England seamlessly blended luxury with nature’s beauty. Our family’s suite was a sanctuary of comfort and elegance, complete with modern amenities that complemented the historic charm of the property.

Unwinding with Nature:

The sprawling grounds of The Old England invited us to explore and unwind. We embarked on leisurely walks amidst the lush gardens, allowing the mountain air to rejuvenate our senses and the serene surroundings to calm our minds.

Gourmet Experiences:

Dining at The Old England was a culinary journey that tantalized our taste buds. The fusion of local and international flavors created a symphony of tastes, offering a delicious exploration of the region’s gastronomic treasures.

Outdoor Adventures:

For the adventurers in our family, The Old England was a gateway to nature’s wonders. We embarked on hiking trails that led us through the mountains, revealing hidden waterfalls, vibrant flora, and the kind of vistas that inspire awe.

Starry Nights and Cozy Moments:

Evenings at The Old England were a canvas of magic. Under the star-studded skies, we gathered on the terrace to share stories and laughter. The cool mountain breeze added a touch of coziness to the ambiance, creating moments of togetherness that felt truly special.

Bonding Beyond Boundaries:

The Old England’s tranquil setting allowed our family to reconnect in meaningful ways. Away from the distractions of everyday life, we engaged in heartfelt conversations, played games, and simply enjoyed one another’s company amidst the beauty of nature.

Reflection and Renewal:

As we bid farewell to The Old England, we carried with us a sense of reflection and renewal. Our family stay amidst the mountains had been a reminder of the power of nature to heal, the importance of quality time spent together, and the joy of discovering hidden gems that enrich our lives.


Our family’s stay at The Old England Taiwan was a captivating journey into nature’s embrace, where mountains met luxury and tranquility met elegance. Through panoramic mountain views, gourmet experiences, and moments of togetherness, we found ourselves immersed in a retreat that nurtured both body and soul. The Old England was not just a place to stay; it was a haven of serenity where we discovered the art of unwinding amidst nature’s splendor.