Travel Hacking 101- What Is It And How Can You Do It?

Travel hacking refers to the art of leveraging credit card rewards, frequent flyer programs, and other promotions to get free or drastically reduced travel expenses. With the right strategies, travel enthusiasts can enjoy luxurious trips without the hefty price tag. Here’s what you need to know about travel hacking and how you can start:

What is Travel Hacking?

At its core, travel hacking is about earning points and miles through various means and then redeeming those for free or discounted travel. It often revolves around credit card rewards, airline miles, and hotel loyalty programs.

How Can You Do It?

  1. Research and Choose the Right Credit Cards:
    • Sign-up bonuses: Many credit cards offer massive point bonuses for signing up and spending a certain amount within the first few months.
    • Category bonuses: Some cards provide extra points for specific categories, such as dining, travel, or groceries.
    • No foreign transaction fees: Look for cards that don’t charge extra for international purchases if you travel abroad.
  2. Join Frequent Flyer Programs:
    • Sign up for loyalty programs with major airlines.
    • Focus on one or two alliances (like Star Alliance or OneWorld) to pool your miles.
  3. Stay Loyal to Hotel Brands:
    • Join hotel loyalty programs to earn free nights and receive perks like free Wi-Fi, late checkout, or room upgrades.
  4. Use Shopping Portals:
    • Airlines and credit card companies have shopping portals where you can earn bonus points or cash back for online shopping.
  5. Eat Out with Rewards Network:
    • Programs like AAdvantage Dining or SkyMiles Dining allow you to earn extra miles when you dine at participating restaurants.
  6. Look for Promotions and Deals:
    • Regularly check airlines, hotels, and credit card websites for special promotions.
  7. Stay Organized:
    • Track your points, miles, and credit card details using apps or spreadsheets.
    • Monitor expiration dates to ensure you don’t lose out on hard-earned points.
  8. Book Strategically:
    • When redeeming your points or miles, search multiple dates and routes to find the best value.
    • Learn about airline award charts to maximize your miles.
  9. Avoid Carrying a Balance:
    • The interest and fees from carrying a balance can quickly negate the value of any rewards you earn.
  10. Stay Updated with Blogs and Forums:
  • Communities like FlyerTalk or blogs like The Points Guy regularly share hacks, deals, and strategies.

Things to Consider:

  • Credit Impact: Regularly applying for credit cards can impact your credit score. Understand the implications before diving in.
  • Annual Fees: Some credit cards come with hefty annual fees. Ensure the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • Spending Requirements: Don’t spend beyond your means just to earn points. Always pay your balance in full each month.
  • Redemption Restrictions: Understand blackout dates, seat restrictions, and other limitations when redeeming miles or points.


Travel hacking can be an exciting way to experience luxury travel on a budget. However, it requires dedication, organization, and responsibility. Stay informed, make strategic decisions, and you could be jet-setting around the world for a fraction of the cost.